Saturday, October 21, 2006

Preview pages

More sketches next.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Munoz

The character retooled. A much tougher person, living on the edge of the new frontier (apologies to Darwyn Cooke).

Bullet Train

The idea with the human tech is to push it into the future while portraying it from the Native point of view. I took modern trends in ergonomic design and ran with it. I hope the result is both strange and believable.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Kim's mother.


This is a new character, based
on a real life celebrity would-be
singer. Guess who?


The heavies. Variations.

Background characters.

NATIVE is partly set in a human mining town on a super hot planet. More soon.

Changes Part 3

I finally settled around this last drawing for a skeletal, insect look. The look would evolve a little more in the strip itself, but essentially this is it.

Changes Part 2

More ideas. I wanted a more insect appearance for the indiginous race, The Natives.

Changes part 1

As I continued to think about the story, characters started t o change. It went from a story about a person to a story about a Race. This meant that some characters had to change visually . In this series of drawings, I'm trying to create the new look, something that's alien but able to portray a recognisable humanity.

New Kits

Some more characters that have since been modified. Not as much as others though. Sportsmen.


An early version.

Breed and Munoz

Another couple of characters in a previous guise. They're still in the story though drastically changed. More on that later.


This is a very early version of a character who I've since taken out of the story. Her appearance would of totally changed if she had stayed in. In the end, she complicated matters a bit much and had to go. I liked the drawings of her and her daughter though.

Sketches, Sketches...

NATIVE is a graphic story I'm working on, It's been through a very long gestation period and I want to chart it. There are some good drawings in here and some not so good. The drawings themselves are not the point however. Expressing an idea in its purest form is.

Bring on the dumb drawings already!!